20 Horses Adopted from The Right Horse Training Grant

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA –  New Mexico Horse Rescue at Walkin N Circles Ranch adopted out a record 20 horses in their spring adopt-a-thon. The horses were available for adoption after additional training was made possible from a $10,000 training grant from The Right Horse Initiative.

“We understand that training is an important component in preparing a horse to be ready for adoption, no matter the horse’s age or how long it has been at a shelter. This spring we awarded three $10,000 training grants to support innovative ideas to increase adoptions through training improvements. New Mexico Horse Rescue’s idea to leverage and professionalize their volunteer base was really exciting to us and the results speak for themselves,” said Christy Counts, President of The Right Horse Initiative.

With the grant funds, New Mexico Horse Rescue implemented an in-hand training challenge for their volunteers. Volunteers were matched with healthy, but untrained, horses and enrolled in weekly classes with a professional trainer. By training the volunteers, the professional trainer was able to maximize their time and impact by advancing the skills of the rescue’s volunteer community.

The in-hand training challenge culminated in an adopt-a-thon on June 18. As a result of the event, 20 horses found new homes, including some that had been at the rescue for years.

“Our golden girl, Goldie, waited seven years to be adopted and it finally happened this summer. We considered her to be untouchable for much of her time at the ranch and she had severe trust issues. We were able to build her confidence and she found a wonderful home. Goldie is just one example of the positive outcomes that have resulted from the ability to provide additional training,” stated Charlyn Hudson, President of New Mexico Horse Rescue.

Due to the success of the program, New Mexico Horse Rescue intends to replicate the in-hand training challenge and adoption event this fall. The Right Horse continues to support training and other resources for horses in transition of all ages, breeds and backgrounds that helps them become someone’s new right horse.

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The Right Horse Initiative is a collective of industry professionals and equine welfare advocates working together to improve the lives of horses in transition through a dialogue of kindness and respect. Through collaboration with over 60 industry and adoption partners, The Right Horse is able to innovate new and better adoption standards and practices. Together, the goal is to shatter the stigma and reframe the conversation around equine adoption in order to massively increase horse adoption in the United States. To learn more, visit

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