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Our ASPCA Right Horse Partners are dedicated to creating long-term, systemic change for at-risk equines using bold, innovative programs to advance equine welfare efforts and increase the number of horses finding adoptive homes each year.  We support our partners with resources aimed at reaching this goal. Including grants, product donations from ASPCA Right Horse Industry Partners, professional advancement, networking and social opportunities and more. 

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Grant Opportunities

The Right Grant
The ASPCA Right Horse’s shared goal is to massively increase adoptions so that all equines in need of support will be able to receive help. This grant opportunity is aimed at helping to realize this goal by supporting programs and processes that increase adoptions, focus on owner relinquishment intake, and/or help keep owned horses in their homes (through safety net programming).  

In 2022, more than 25 groups received more than $900,000 in funding for projects related to increasing capacity, intake and adoption. 

Learn more and apply in 2023

Reimagining Racers
ASPCA Right Horse Adoption Partners and organizations participating in the Warm-Up Ring are invited to apply for a grant to support an increase in capacity and/or efficiency of programs aimed at adopting out retired racehorses. 

In 2022, over $300,000 was awarded to adoption organizations who support retired racehorses. 

Learn more and apply in 2023.

Events and Networking

The ASPCA Right Horse Summit
The ASPCA Right Horse Summit is a place to convene around our shared goal of increasing equine adoption, providing the space to connect, innovate, and inspire one another. Mark your calendars and plan to join us in Lexington, Kentucky in September 2023 for education, networking, inspiration, and collaboration.  

Stay tuned for 2023 dates and registration

Equine Affaire Ohio 
Join us at the Ohio Expo Center where we will have an adoption barn open for attendees to browse your adoptable horses. Bring your adoptable horses to the event April 13 – 16, 2023 to help them find wonderful homes. You do not need to know which specific horses you’ll bring when you reserve stalls.

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Thoroughbred Makeover Adoption Barn
New in 2022, the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover will feature a special adoption barn full of Thoroughbreds looking for their new homes – both RRP Eligible and otherwise! Sign up to bring your adoptable Thoroughbreds to the event October 11-14, 2023 and help them find their right person at the event. 

Plan ahead and reserve your stalls

Equine Affaire Massachusetts 
Join us at the Eastern States Exposition where we will have an adoption barn open for attendees to browse your adoptable horses. Bring your adoptable horses to the event November 9 – 12, 2023 to help them find wonderful homes.You do not need to know which specific horses you’ll bring when you reserve stalls.

Plan ahead and reserve your stalls

Monthly Partner Zoom Calls
Connect with other Right Horse Partners and Warm-Up Ring groups in collaborative networking calls the first Wednesday of each month. Hear what’s new and happening in equine welfare from around the country, celebrate victories, share questions and access resources.

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Opportunities for Adoption Partners

ASPCA Horse Adoption Express
Move your horses that are having a more difficult time finding an adopter in your region, to a partner in another region where demand is higher, on a fully-funded transport. 

New in 2022, Partners are eligible receive up to $600 towards hauling costs for horses going directly to adopters that live over 250 miles away, or those who adopt a non-riding horse within any radius. 

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Core EQ Innovator® Vaccine Donations
Industry Partner, Zoetis, has generously donated CORE EQ INNOVATOR vaccines to Right Horse Adoption Partners and Warm-Up Ring participants. Donated vaccines are available to organizations who are up to date with monthly adoption data submission.  

Vaccines have been distributed in 2022. Stay tuned for 2023 opportunities.

Microchip ID Equine Donations
ASPCA Right Horse Adoption Partners and organizations in the Warm-Up Ring are given funds and special discounted prices to microchips and scanners through Microchip ID Equine, including their LifeTrac program, creating a lifetime safeguard for adopted horses. 

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Pinto Horse Association Registration
Register your adoptable equines – of any color or parentage, including longears – with the Pinto Horse Association of America to access special recreational and competition opportunities and rewards. Partners receive steep discounts on membership and registration. 

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Non-profit business expertise
Have a question about the business side of your non-profit? Get tips on planning, strategy, board management, and more during a complimentary 1:1 consult for non-profit business advice with our industry partner Dr. Randy Macon of Oklahoma City University.

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