Become a Partner

Let’s work together.

Our Partners are dedicated to creating long-term, systemic change for at-risk equines using bold, innovative programs to advance horse adoption. Join us in the ASPCA Right Horse Warm-Up Ring and we’ll support you through the process of becoming an Adoption Partner.

ASPCA Right Horse Adoption Partner Benefits Include

  • Grant opportunities
  • Admission to our annual leadership summit
  • Complimentary access to
  • National exposure and promotion
  • Collaboration with passionate advocates

Companies and organizations interested in becoming Industry Partners are invited to contact us for more information.

Adoption Partnership Next Steps

  1. Complete the registration form below
  2. Download and have your board sign the warm-up ring agreement, your checklist and worksheet
  3. Work with ASPCA staff to meet the 13 adoption partner requirements
  4. Celebrate with your board and staff – you’re an ASPCA Right Horse Partner!