Be Mine Training Grants

How would you use $10,000 on horse training?

When the right horse finds the right person, it’s a magical moment. It’s a moment filled with the promise of a bright future, friendship and uncharted adventure. It’s a moment where a bond is forged between horse and rider as dreams come true. It’s a moment that wouldn’t be possible without the love, time and attention given to horses in transition by organizations like yourself.

We know each horse that comes into your care is unique and requires a specialized training approach, but most horses share the need for training before being ready for their next home. In fact, you might say that training is a key factor in getting a horse ready for a potential adopter to say, “be mine”. Training is essential to the long-term success of a horse and their new adopter.

We are awarding three organizations with a $10,000 training grant to help you do what you do best; help horses in transition.


Eligible applications must meet the following criteria:

1Your organization must be a U.S. based 501 (c)(3) public charity and have an operating budget of at least $25,000.

2Your organization must be current with all applicable federal and state financial filings or reports.

3Your organization must be willing and able to provide financial statements to The Right Horse Initiative.

4Your organization must be willing and able to provide animal statistics, including intake and adoption numbers, to the Equine Welfare Data Collective.

5If you receive funding from The Right Horse Initiative or The WaterShed Animal Fund, you must be up-to-date on current or previous funding reports.

6You must agree to complete grant follow up reports 6 months and 12 months from the payment date which will include expense accounting and measurable outcome updates.

Application Deadline Passed

Don’t get us wrong, we all love a box of chocolates, but we think the investment of training might mean a little bit more to your organization and the horses you love. If you are a 501 (c)(3) United States based adoption organization or rescue, tell us how you could use the funds. Apply by February 14th for your chance to be one of three organizations to receive a training grant. Deadline to accept applications has passed. Keep an eye out for winners to be announced by February 28th!

The Winners

New Mexico Horse Rescue

The New Mexico Horse Rescue operates out of Walkin in Circles Ranch, Inc in Edgewood, NM. The New Mexico Horse Rescue at WNCR rehabilitates and finds homes for abandoned, abused and neglected horses and averages up to 60 horses in their care at any time. The Be Mine Training Grant will fund the hiring of an assistant trainer to work with novice to intermediate volunteers weekly throughout the spring in preparation for the WNCR In Hand Training Competition. At the competition’s end they expect to graduate 20-25 confident, successful volunteer horse handlers to show 20-30 well-mannered, safe horses ready to find their right homes this spring and summer.

Oregon Horse Rescue

The Oregon Horse Rescue (OHR) is rescue and sanctuary that focuses on helping, healing and re-homing at-risk horses in the Pacific Northwest. With the grant funds, OHR will launch the Second Chance Seniors program, providing training to up to 14 horses currently considered sanctuary residents that require groundwork and in-hand skills to become ready for adoption. Many of these horses require special care due to physical limitations, vision impairment, or age, but could be excellent candidates for adoption into private homes with the right training.

American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation

The American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation (ASLF), located in Eminence, KY, promotes and protects the American Saddlebred breed by assisting owners and creating a network for horses to safely transition into new homes. ASLF has seen a rise in young, unstarted horses falling at-risk and requiring transition assistance. With the Be Mine training grant, they will hire a part time trainer to give young horses a correct foundation to excel in any discipline, providing training skills that will increase their adoptability and help keep them safe in their next homes and throughout their entire lives.

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