Finding your #RightHorse

The Adoption Process

If you’re considering adoption but aren’t quite sure what to expect from the process, that’s okay; we’re here to answer your questions and help every step of the way. To help you find your #RightHorse, the ASPCA Right Horse program partners with a nationwide network of equine adoption organizations, each of whom have been carefully vetted to ensure they provide excellent care to their horses, are a reputable non-profit and focus on customer service. Each group conducts their adoption process a little differently, but here are a few commonalities you can expect: 

  • Once you’ve found the horse(s) you’re interested in on our adoption platform,, the adoption group will likely contact you or send you an adopter survey or application to learn more about your experience with horses and what you’re looking for. Questions generally include asking your goals and preferences, what kind of care you’re comfortable providing, what level of training your ideal horse will have to match your skills, what type of living situation your horse will have, and other information to help match you with the #RightHorse. 


  • After the initial conversation, you’ll likely be invited to come meet the horse(s) you’re interested in adopting – in person, virtually, or both. You’ll meet and handle the horse(s), watch trainers work with or ride them, and in some cases, you can ride your chosen horse during the visit. This is a great time to ask all the questions you have and to bring anyone who will be helping you on your journey.


  • If you’re new to horse ownership (or returning after a break), the adoption organization can help you line up an equine veterinarian, farrier, trainer and any other professionals you may need to help care for your new horse.


  • The last step is an adoption agreement between you and the adoption organization. The contract, which will outline the process of legally transferring ownership of the horse, will vary between organizations. Once the ink dries, it’s time to celebrate – you have a new four-legged family member!

Once you’re a proud #RightHorse adopter, make sure to use your voice to inspire others to do the same. Share your story and tell your community about the incredible benefits that come from finding a horse through adoption. You’ll not only have helped your horse, but you’ll be helping the hundreds of horses behind him or her who are still looking for their person.

Now, go get started and find your #RightHorse on

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