We need your voice and leadership to ignite change for equines.

As a competitor in the ASPCA Maclay classes, you’re part of something big. The ASPCA Maclay Championship was developed by an ASPCA board member, Alfred B. Maclay, to promote compassionate, quality riding. As the class evolved, the shared mission between the ASPCA and National Horse Show remains steadfast; to promote good riding and kindness to animals.

ASPCA Maclay riders are invited to put their passion for horses into action by becoming an ASPCA Right Hand ambassador. Right Hands will use their leadership position in the equestrian community to advocate for adoption and help horses find homes. Equine adoption is still a lesser-knownway of acquiring a horse, and Right Hands will play a critical role in helping reframe the national conversation around equine welfare.

Right Hands will: 

  • Be onboarded via an educational seminar and receive ongoing support about the growing field of equine welfare and adoption. 
  • Receive monthly actions for ambassadors, such as reposting adoptable horses on social media, talking to youth equestrians or presenting information at shows. We’ll provide pre-written copy, graphics and prompts to make the process easy!
  • Be eligible to receive volunteer hours and an awards certificate for college applications, resume building and recognition at the National Horse Show.

Right Hands should expect: 

  • To receive a monthly email with several ways to make a difference for adoptable horses. The ambassador should plan to put at least one of these ideas into action which could take anywhere from several minutes to several hours of time. The program is flexible to adapt to the ambassador’s individual community, interests and availability. 
  • To be communicative, engaged and excited about the important role they’re playing in helping horses. 
  • To attend a one-hour onboarding call if accepted into the program.

If you have any questions about the program or would like additional information, please reach out to the ASPCA Right Horse team at [email protected]. If you’re not a current or past rider in the ASPCA Maclay classes but want to get involved, you’re also welcome to reach out.