Finding your horse a new home the right way

We believe that there is a right horse for every person, but that doesn’t always mean that the relationship will be a forever fit. The average horse will have seven owners in its lifetime, each fulfilling a need or opportunity.

In many instances, owners find themselves in a situation that makes keeping a horse impossible or impractical. Whether that is a family facing hard financial times that make affording a horse impossible or a child going off to college and leaving their horse behind, there are many different reasons people are forced to give up their horses. With a lack of options available, many owners are uncertain about what to do or where to turn for help.

The Right Horse Initiative is continually working to develop additional programs that fill these resource gaps in communities throughout the United States. If you are considering surrendering your horse, we encourage you to learn more about humane transition by submitting a message in the form below.

Stay Informed