Why Adoption

Adoptable horses are diverse, versatile and ready to find loving homes. Adopted horses have won national and world championships, served as partners in therapy and bring infinite joy to the people who love them. If you’re looking to add a horse to your family, we encourage you to consider adoption. Your #RightHorse is out there, and we’ll help you find him or her.

If you adopt from one of our ASPCA Right Horse Adoption Partners, you can expect:

  • To work with an adoption organization who is genuinely invested in making a good match between you and your new horse. They’ll disclose all medical, training and behavioral information available to them and work to make sure it’s a great fit.


  • To always have a network of support. When you choose to adopt, you’ll always have a place to ask questions and receive support and guidance. Our Adoption Partners provide a lifetime safety net for their horses. This means if your life circumstances change, your horse can return to the organization for care and safe rehoming.


  • To get a great deal. Adoption fees are generally lower than the prices you’d see in the general horse market, and adoptable horses are microchipped and up to date on vaccines, Coggins, farrier and dentistry work.


  • To feel pride in knowing that you’re promoting good welfare for all equines. You just helped give an at-risk horse a wonderful home and are consequently opening up a stall to the next horse in need. By adopting one horse, you’re helping multiple horses!

Do we have you convinced? If you’re curious about the horses available for adoption, visit myrighthorse.org to browse hundreds of adoptable horses nationwide. 


Stay Informed