Aly + Bindi

by | Mar 2019 | Story

Breed Quarter Horse/Paint cross

Age 14

Sex Mare

Color Pinto

Height 15.2hh

In 2018 my blind daughter wanted to ride horses. A generous lady let her come visit her farm to love on a Quarter Horse named Whisper. My daughter was head over heels in love and so was I. For her birthday in August 2018 the lady asked if she could gift Whisper to my daughter for her birthday. Of course, I said yes, but admittedly I knew absolutely nothing about horses.

My daughter quickly took to riding and was an absolute natural. She always wanted me to ride with her but with only one horse it wasn’t the easiest of tasks. In Jan 2019 I decided that I had learned enough from owning Whisper that I was ready for another horse. With my background in rescue animals there was no question about it; I was going to adopt a horse.

I set a goal that I would get one for myself for my birthday, but it had to be a rescue, so I could make sure I got exactly what I needed in a horse and I could give him or her a forever home. I began my search. I checked all the rescue websites every day for updates and adoptable horses. Some I loved and some just weren’t for me. I received a call from a lady at Colorado State University (CSU) and she told me she thought she may have a horse that would fit my needs. I was looking for a riding horse, no specific gender, a horse I could grow with and build up a great relationship with. I specifically said I don’t need a horse that is 100% perfect because I wanted to get there through training with her. Even though some horses up for adoption were completely broke, I wanted a horse that may have needed a few training sessions so we could learn new things together.

I went to CSU wanting so badly to love this horse and I was not disappointed! At this point I had seen lots of great horses but none of them made me think I cannot live without this horse; that is until I met Bindi. Bindi was beautiful! She was more than anything I could have ever dreamed up in my head. I applied to adopt her. The process was simple. The trainers at the rescue were amazing and they made sure she was exactly what I needed and that we would be a good match. I appreciated that they also made sure I was what she needed as well. The rest his history and in February, I adopted my best friend with no regrets and no hesitations 10 days before my birthday.

What #RightHorse means to me

The right horse to me meant that I was getting a horse that I could trust, love and grow with. But also getting a horse that I was right for she had to choose me as well.


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