Ashley + Jake

by | Oct 2017 | Story

Breed Thoroughbred

Age 8

Sex Male

Color Blood Bay

Height 16.3hh

Jake was definitely my Right Horse. I began having a recurring dream when I was ten. The dream was always the same; a mist-filled forest and a herd of horses. I would admire them all, but there was always one I was pulled to the most. A large bay, much thinner than the others.

On my thirteenth birthday that dream came true. On August 8th 1990, a large blood bay was led out of a field. I took one look at him and nearly passed out. My family thought I was too hot or overexcited. It was definitely the one from my dream. There was no fount at all. I never told them about my dream, because I did not want them to mock me. He was an absolute perfect boy. He was super gentle, comfortable in all gaits, and patient. He was the first horse we looked at, but my aunt and trainer said you can never buy the first horse you see. They were wrong. After looking at two others who were absolutely wrong, we finally purchased him. As my father signed his bill of sale, the former owner said, “Good luck. He’s not intelligent and I don’t think you will ever get much out of him.”

She could not have been more wrong. He was incredibly intelligent; a willing student and driven to succeed. We did great things together. He won ribbons, silver halters, and more. He was incredibly brave and would take on challenges with big heart. Every time we competed, he could come out cold without ever seeing the jumps and sail over them as if he had wings. People could not believe he was a thoroughbred, because nothing fazed him. We always had an unusually strong bond, and were always able to understand one another. Other people could ride him and he would dutifully perform his job, but that connection would never manifest for them. It was obvious we he was in the show ring with me. He loved to compete and loved hearing his name announced over the PA system. Every day he was my dream come true. There was nothing he could not do. Even at the very end he remained brave, loyal and loving. He died quietly on November 17, 2013 at the age of 32 from congestive heart failure.

The Right Horse is the one who reaches into my soul. That connection is very important to me. I look for honesty, bravery and trustworthiness in my horse. Hopefully I can find my next dream horse soon. Since losing my perfect boy my life has felt empty. I am currently riding other horses, but that deep bond hasn’t occurred yet.


  1. Jeanne Kuppersmith

    Great article

  2. Mary Lou Spellmeyer

    A true and loyal friend.

  3. Karen Brown

    This was a very good story. I feel her feelings. I got my first horse at 14. I like she had looked around with my dad. When I saw my horse it was like love at first sight. We never competed and I rode Western, but horse lovers are horse lovers. I lost my horse when he was 15, due to a freak accident in the pasture. I had many wonderful hours with my horse. I have lots of great memories.

  4. Elizabeth

    I loved reading your story, very touching. Thank you for sharing it.


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