Belinda + Elahi

by | Jul 2018 | Story

Breed Arabian

Age 8

Sex Gelding

Color Gray

Height 15hh

My husband had a beautiful, big, bossy Quarter Horse Mare, named Cali, that would walk through fire for him. She passed away at the age of 34 years old of cardiac arrest a year and 6 months prior to me adopting Elahi.

We had decided that it was time to get another horse so that my husband could join me and our daughter on trail rides and we knew that we wanted another Arabian to match my reliable little Bay named Connor. I also knew that I wanted a younger Arabian so that I could achieve some goals that I had set for Endurance riding. Connor was getting up in age and I knew he wouldn’t be able to compete in Endurance for much longer.

We knew that we wanted to adopt a rescue horse from the very beginning because there are just so many great horses out there that need rescuing. However, it seemed that no one had Arabians available for adoption. We even tried the local auction and that is where we met a woman who referred us to Love This Horse Equine Rescue.

We knew we hit the jackpot because Love This Horse Equine Rescue specializes in ARABIANS!!!
The same week, I contacted Vera Kalila, who runs the rescue, and the following weekend I paid a visit to Love This Horse Equine Rescue.

There was a huge assortment of Arabians, everything from foals to Senior horses, all waiting to be adopted to their forever homes. I looked at all of them and no one was ever really out of the question. All had their own unique strengths. But Vera pointed me toward a young, spirited, willful young gray, who seemed to run the entire rescue, named Elahi. I knew he could help me accomplish all of my endurance goals, but I also thought that maybe he might be too much horse for me.

We went out on a 12-mile test ride with Vera and her daughter. He was such a good boy! Vera had invested in him by making sure he got all the proper training that would make him more likely to be adopted. She does that with ALL the horses at Love This Horse Equine Rescue! It has been her mission to make sure that every horse at the rescue has the highest chance of getting adopted by investing in not only their training, but also their medical care PRIOR to being adopted.

I decided to do a 6 month foster with Elahi after our test ride and took him home and we spent the next 6 months getting to know one another and bonding with each other.

On January 1st, 2018 we made it official and I adopted him. He is now mine and I have no regrets. I would do it all again and from now on, when I am in the market for a new horse, I will ALWAYS adopt.
Last weekend I got Elahi microchipped and this past week we went on our first ride alone IN THE DARK! He is doing really well and is becoming a trustworthy trail companion. We are now conditioning for our first endurance ride. I know that he was meant for me and that I was meant for him.

What #RightHorse means to me

The right horse for me is the one who thinks I’m the right person for him! The right horse for me shows me that I can trust him and he trusts me. We are a team! Even though I am his leader, I am also his advocate and his protector and in being those things for him, he shows his willingness to do what I ask.


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