Evelyn + Rex

by | Jul 2018 | Story

Breed American Saddlebred

Age 8

Sex Gelding

Color Chestnut

Height 17.2hh

Rex’s story with me begins in October of 2015. I follow Central Virginia Horse Rescue, diligently, on Facebook. Have for over 7 years. This particular day, I saw a post where they were involved in rescuing over 80 horses from a farm in Virginia. It was a huge undertaking and really sad; some of the horses didn’t make it off the property but instead were allowed to rest forever, due to their conditions. I kept up with where the horses were all going, there were several rescues, and in particular CVHR. Cindy started posting pictures of the ones they had taken in, and there he was! In all his beautiful glory! Starved, dull coat, needing love and attention, but most of all food and water, yet he held his head high and proud.

My heart told me right then: “He needs you.” But, first I wanted to be sure he would make it through the crucial days coming up. I eagerly watched for photos, checking her page every day, needing my “Big Red” fix–his name at CVHR. After a couple of months and after seeing a video of him moving, the wheels started turning in my head. Then, I saw a picture of Cindy riding him! He held his head so proud, just like the beautiful Saddlebred he was. He was gorgeous, just like I had imagined he would be once he gained his glory back!

My daughter had recently lost her heart horse, Clover, after almost 20 years, and I thought of her when thinking about adopting him. She needed a horse, her horse. That was my push. So, I asked Cindy about him. I trusted her judgement completely and when she said he would be one she would keep if she could, I knew he would be perfect. I sent in my application and when it was approved, I relaxed a little, knowing he could be ours. I waited just a bit longer, just to be sure. He had a cough, she told me, and if it was because of heat, I was going to be concerned–it gets hot here in southern GA. It wasn’t bad, just ever so often.

So, despite everyone telling me we didn’t need another horse, I felt this push from deep inside. Yes, yes, I did need him, whether he was here for me, or for my daughter. I suffer from PTSD, which has caused a type of agoraphobia, and my horses help keep me going. I felt a love for this horse deep inside of me. We ride and show Saddlebreds, among other breeds and I knew he would be a great addition for me! Finally, the day came when he would come HOME! It was St. Patrick’s Day, 2016. A big red horse stepped off the trailer, looked around, pressed his head against me then dropped his head to eat grass. I knew then, I made the right decision…for both of us. This gorgeous boy melted my heart and wrapped me around his hoof! In July, I offered him to my daughter, knowing she needed him, more than I did. So, after much thought and climbing through the hurdles in her mind, she took him under her wing on her birthday that July.

They are now inseparable! We named him TRex, a name befitting a horse with a heart the size of a TRex and a personality as well. (His size kinda helped with that, too lol) He has fit into our family in a huge way and it is just as I had hoped it would be. This rescue helped rescue 3 hearts: Rex, my daughter, and myself. He and I have this wonderful connection, I can’t explain it. Only someone who has rescued or adopted a horse will understand what they can do for you. Rex continues to amaze us, and we grow fonder of him every day. He was definitely the “Right Horse” for us and I thank Cindy and CVHR every day for rescuing the big goofball!

What #RightHorse means to me

#RightHorse means finding a partner, a friend, a confidant… The love that comes with that is the biggest bonus. The trust between you, the attraction of the souls is magical. Finding that right horse is usually not something that happens immediately, but sometimes it does. Sometimes it’s just a picture, sometimes it’s just a feeling. It’s like electricity flowing from one heart to the other, pulling you towards each other. You just know…

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  1. Melanie

    This is so beautiful on so many levels for three lovely souls. Bless you all! ♥️


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