Julie + Harry’s Hero

by | Feb 2018 | Story

Breed Shetland/Miniature Cross

Age 10

Sex Mare

Color Black

Height 11hh

Harry was in the care of Maryland Horse Rescue for five years before I met her. She was brought in with several other horses who were all abused and neglected by their previous owner. Maryland Horse Rescue helped Harry overcome her fears. She also taught the incoming volunteers how to handle horses and care for them. Harry’s name came about by the rescue holding a naming contest and the highest bidder won naming rights. She is named after a family’s late grandfather. In his honor, her name will remain Harry’s Hero.

When I met Harry, I think she picked me. I walked into her field where she was with a few other ponies and donkeys, and she walked right up to me. I did not know it, but Harry had a tough time trusting people. She stole my heart, and I made arrangements to take her home. She was very nervous when I brought her to her new home. The barn manager and I had a tough time catching her and earning her trust. I could barely touch her, and she hated her hooves handled. She just didn’t trust people easily. Over the course of the winter, she made best friends with a 35-year-old horse who did not like other horses. He took a liking to Harry, and they were the best of friends. Sadly, his time with Harry was short, and he passed away five months later.

Harry went on to be the babysitter for injured horses or young horses who needed manners. She loves that job, but I could tell she wanted to do more. So after trying different ideas, we discovered that she likes to jump! She is a beautiful jumper. That still wasn’t enough for Harry. She craved a job. So after searching, I was able to find a harness that fit her. Harry took to the harness like she had been doing it her whole life! Within a week she was taking the bit without an issue, and within a month we were ground driving at the walk without issues.

She has come a very long way from the nervous pony I could barely touch. Now she is the social butterfly of the farm and greets everyone she meets with a nicker and a nuzzle. She is doing very well ground driving, and I am hoping to hook her up to her new pink cart in the springtime! This little girl has proved that with the right love and care, a horse can overcome just about anything. She has made my life so much better, and I am forever grateful for the work Maryland Horse Rescue has done and continues to do for their horses. Without them, I would’ve never had the pleasure of meeting and falling completely in love with a shy little pony, my forever hero, Harry.

What #RightHorse means to me

The right horse is a horse that makes you happy! A horse who gives you everything you need, even when you do not know at the time you need it.

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  1. Jes Stevens

    It so touched my heart as I read your story about Harry. As an intuitive and animal communicator, I recognize that Harry is a Stellar meaning she is a powerful empath and natural healer for animals and humans alike. She knew exactly who to choose to be her next person. With your love, patience and deep care, she was able to transcend her traumatic past to do what she came here to do. She now easily transmutes discordant energy just by her fully embodied, loving presence.
    Thank you for opening your heart and home to her. Many Blessings, Jes


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