Kathy + Cowboy

by | Aug 2018 | Story

Breed Unknown

Age 7

Sex Gelding

Color Buttermilk buckskin

Height 14.1 hh

I wasn’t looking for him…perhaps he was looking for me?

Two days before my birthday I came across a video on my Facebook page, talking about a “Buttermilk Buckskin”. The video was from the Bastrop Louisiana Kill Lot, shared on the Rocky Mountain Horse FB page I belong to.

My heart stopped. What a beautiful horse, doing his best to carry a big, boot -spurred man. The bucksin had a three day window for life. He was scheduled to ship for slaughter on my birthday. I couldn’t get him off my mind….tears and phone calls resulted throughout the day. I KNEW he had to come home. All the stars aligned and through God’s grace, the “Buttermilk Buckskin” arrived within a week to his Forever Home in MN.

Sick, weak and unsure, this sweet horse, now called Cowboy, regained his strength, his mane and his character. And he IS a character!

Best friends to herd mate Gideon, Cowboy is a wonderful additional to our family. Cowboy not only is very well mannered, he is an excellent, safe, trail horse!

While in training at KD Performance Horses, Cowboy made friends with an autistic young man, which helped us confirm the plan for a therapy barn at our home.

Cowboy continues to inspire and humble me. All this beautiful horse needed was a chance. How blessed and fortunate are we to have him to love, to share, to ride and to appreciate the amazing horse he is.

What #RightHorse means to me

Joy! Cowboy is pure Joy! He makes me laugh and offers the gift of a very safe ride. He’s fun, funny, sweet and pretty all at the same time.

Cowboy has become my “go to” horse! I trust him to take care of his rider. Often, he is ridden bareback in just a halter. He loves kids and people in general.

He is very respectful of his rider and never questions what is being asked. This Buttermilk Buckskin is a blessing and I am grateful.


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  1. Judy Sien

    I have loved this Cowboy since you first put him on. He has my heart.
    So happy he is where he needs to be.


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