Kelsey + Ringo Starr

by | Feb 2021 | Story

Breed Tennessee Walking Horse Cross

Age 10

Sex Gelding

Color Grulla

Height 14.3hh

I had begun my search for a second horse so my mare could have a companion. As soon as I saw Ringo’s picture online, I was drawn to him and knew he had to be the one. I had not adopted a horse before; however, I assist a veterinarian that treats the horses at the facility I adopted from and so I’ve witnessed several adoptions. I was very excited to finally be adopting one myself! Before completing the adoption, I went to the Dumb Friend’s League’s Harmony Equine Center to meet Ringo.

I must admit, the first time I rode him (after he was warmed-up) he tried to throw me. However, that did not scare me away from him. I was excited for a challenge. I wanted to build a bond with this horse and I think he felt that way too. I couldn’t look at any other horse there; it had to be him.

Soon after, I brought him home. I am so fortunate to have my own horse property, so I get to love on him every day. After spending time with him at home, his personality came out and I love it! He is still shy at times, but his fun, loving, goofy side has really come out. Also, when we hit the trails, he is so brave and loves to move out and go!

Currently, we just do casual trail rides here and there. But I truly enjoy watching him play with my miniature donkey, Bubba, or sunbathe and relax with my mare, Elle. My goal for us one day is to compete in a trail obstacle competition or possibly an endurance ride. When adopting, go in knowing you may never know your horse’s past. But don’t let it scare you either. It is a great feeling finding that horse you will build a relationship with. There are so many great horses out there looking to be adopted.

Kudos to the trainers at Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center. They take such great care of all the horses at their facility and do such an amazing job working with them too. Trust the trainers if you’re adopting from a facility with them. They can help find what you’re looking for!

What #RightHorse means to me

#RightHorse to me means finding that equine that you build a relationship with. A partner for life.


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