Kim + Cajun

by | Sep 2017 | Story

Breed Spotted Saddle Horse

Age Eighteen

Sex Gelding

Color Black/White

Height 15.2hh

I had always had horses. I had a farm of my own for 14 years, but due to divorce I placed all of my horses and could no longer have any. I went around 10 years without one.

Then I met Cajun.

I was going through a rough time, as my daughter’s husband at the time was on his way to federal prison. I went into a deep depression. A close friend suggested I start riding again and gave me the name and number of a horse rental farm. I called and made reservations for a family birthday ride.

When we arrived. there was a line of tacked up horses ready to go. They matched everyone up and said to me, “Kim, since you can ride, we will put you with Cajun.”

He was a boney, cranky horse. I walked up to him and was told to be careful because he’s not too fond of people. He rubbed his head up against me. He wasn’t too happy about the ride. Went most of the way with his ears pinned back but we made it through.

I decided to ride again and again they put me with Cajun. This went on for about a month. When I finally asked why they always put me with him, they told me he refuses to go out with anyone else. He always ended up back at the barn, sometimes without the rider. I had personally witnessed him pinning his ears at other people, but when I would walk up to him and he was fine.

I started going the farm three or four times a week. Sometimes I would just spend time with Cajun. I would ask nothing of him, I would just sit and be there.

As fall approached, it was time for the rental horses to either go out on lease or be sold. I tried to not fall in love with him, but it just happened. I was afraid of the emotional and financial commitment, but I went for it.

I spent a ton of time working with Cajun on trusting me, letting him know what was acceptable and what was not. We have a very special bond. Cajun now rides my grandchildren around, also. We go for multi-hour solo trail rides. He went from the black and white horse that kicked if you get too close to the horse you want to follow because he goes through anything. He even tilts his head to please for a treat. I love Cajun with all my heart and soul. He is definitely the right horse for me.

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  1. laurie

    Sounds to me you were searching for something to help you through a tough time and it also sound to me that Cajun was going through some of his own tough times.. I am a true believer that people and animals are brought together for what ever reason either one may need.. Heart warming story and hope you both have many years of riding/loving together..


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