Laura + Moxie

by | Nov 2018 | Story

Breed American Quarter Horse

Age 25

Sex Gelding

Color Chestnut

Height 16.2hh

Moxie was an owner surrender to Nexus Equine in Edmond, Oklahoma. I assisted them with fostering him until he was adopted. I have a soft spot for senior horses and he reminded me of one of my old show horses that passed away in January 2018. So I took an immediate liking to Moxie and wanted to help with the special needs of a senior horse.

Moxie is a gorgeous quarter horse with the sweetest personality. He has a past career of showing for numerous years in AQHA shows, with a proven show record in both English and Western riding.

Moxie is 25 years old but does not look or act his age. I decided to hop on him one day and I was pleasantly surprised by this talented gelding. He had retained so much of his past training. There was no fight from him and he was extremely willing to please and do what was asked of him.

My 6 year old daughter has been riding consistently for 2 years, taking lessons from a local barn and utilizing their lesson horses. I decided to let Maddie ride Moxie and there was an immediate connection between the two of them. My daughter couldn’t wait to ride him again. I took Moxie to the training barn where we had been taking lessons, so the trainer could evaluate him and give an unbiased opinion on whether Moxie and Maddie would make a good team.

The trainer described Moxie as “an absolute saint”. I was so glad to hear that my thoughts and feeling about Moxie were accurate and we all agreed Moxie could help Maddie learn and build her confidence.

Moxie is in a structured riding program that focuses on his needs as well as the riders. Moxie being 25 is unique in respects he has been cared for well in the past and he does not show is age. However, he is a senior horse that requires special care, closely monitored exercise program, proper diet and overall daily maintenance.

Maddie and Moxie will have their first show together in October so we all are excited to see how this new team does in the show pen.

What #RightHorse means to me

Moxie demonstrates these characteristics daily. He is confident in his skill set and previous training that he knows the right things to do even when his rider is uncertain how to properly cue him or communicate to him what she wants him to do. Moxie is the right horse for Maddie and she has given him the opportunity to have another job and he seems to enjoy the time they spend together. He is honest and true with her every time they ride which has built so much confidence in Maddie’s riding skills.

I often catch Maddie in the pasture with Moxie just talking to him and hugging on him. I would love to know what all they talk about. He attentively listens to her and seems to love her hugs. Maddie has the pet name of “Moxie Bear” for him and she has told everyone she is the only one that can call him that because he is HER horse.

Finding a good horse for a child is extremely difficult. I feel comfortable when Maddie is around Moxie, we are all blessed to have Moxie as a member of our family. He is teaching increased responsibility to Maddie and she recognizes she has to help with his care daily. Moxie has proven to take care of his young rider everyday and we will ensure he is taken care of for the duration of his life.

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  1. Teresa Trammell

    Loved the story Laura. So happy Maddie has found HER horse.


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