Marisa + Chloe

by | Oct 2017 | Story

Breed Miniature Horse

Age Three Months

Sex Filly

Color n/a

Height 4hh

My mission is to rescue neglected, abused, and abandoned miniature horses, while educating as many people as I can that miniature horses are a lot more than pets. That’s how Mini Miracles Horse Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was created. As I am only 17, I am starting out with a small rescue that I hope to grow in the future. I am planning on making a career of this. The biggest reason why miniature horses are neglected in my area is because of lack of knowledge. I see many miniatures kept in small backyards, treated like dogs, some even kept tied up. On the other hand, many horse owners do not realize what miniatures can do, and view them to be simply pointless pets. That’s where Chloe comes in.

Chloe, and her dam and sire, Clara and Cosmo, were all rescued from a tiny pen in someone’s backyard where they were being irresponsibly bred. Chloe was just five hours old when she came to the rescue. Cosmo, the stud, was separated, as he was a threat to Chloe. Clara and Chloe were then able to bond properly in their own stall. At first, I had plans to adopt Chloe out when she was old enough, just as I do with any adoptable horse that comes through the rescue. But as she got older, it became clear that she was something special. Chloe had a bubbly, outgoing personality with a bright demeanor. That’s when I realized she would make a perfect “Pony President” to represent Mini Miracles. When I was rescuing larger horses in the past, my personal horse Romeo was the welcoming, calming presence to new horses. He did a lot of work to help other horses establish themselves on the ranch.
For Chloe, Pony President means that she will be the horse that is going to be the calm and comforting horse next door when nervous new rescues come in. More importantly, she is a way to educate the public about miniature horses. I want to show equestrians that a mini horse is so much more than a pet or a child’s toy. I want to help future or new horse owners and the general public understand that a mini horse is not a pet.

Chloe is currently growing up and exploring her world, but I have big plans for the future. I am going to teach her how to pull a cart, do tricks and train her to become a therapy pony. I hope to build a better community where more minis are adopted and treated and loved like the horses they are.

Caliber, (Chloe’s “poodle” as she likes to call him), is in training to become the mini’s livestock guardian dog. He will protect them from predators and trespassers. He is also Chloe’s best friend and sidekick. They love to play and spend as much time together as they can. I hope to use him in demonstrations with Chloe in the future, having them do fun and cute tricks together. It is slightly intentional that Chloe and Caliber are absolutely adorable together and will hopefully take over the internet. Not so they can become stars, but to bring awareness to not only my rescue, but rescue horses in general.


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