Melissa + Shadow

by | Nov 2021 | Story

Breed Tennessee Walking Horse

Age 22

Sex Mare

Color Black

Height 15.1hh

I hadn’t considered adoption before but I became involved in the Adoption Academy program through the West Virginia Horse Network. It had been many years since I had owned a horse and they offered a way for me to update my knowledge of horse ownership. This rescue continues to offer great educational opportunities for the community and I truly enjoy the classes. The process to adopt was easy and if I ever need help the rescue is there for me.

It was true, I was looking for a gelding and I really wanted to adopt a Tennessee Walking Horse. I waited, continuing to learn as I volunteered at the rescue. One day I received a message that a Tennessee Walking Horse was coming into the rescue, but she was a mare. I decided to go and meet her. She was a black beauty and she loved to be around people. I quickly feel in love with her personality. She had foundered once upon a time and still had some extra weight on her (much like me). Maybe that’s why I made a connection with her. Me with my diabetes and her with foundering. I became her way to being healthier and she became my reason to be healthier.

We are both continuing on our path to being healthier. Shadow is currently in training. I will be working with the trainer to learn more about her. I am hoping we can work toward trail riding and maybe a fun show or two in the future. I know she is not reactive too much, so hopefully we can trail ride by the time the leaves change color.

There are so many great horses out there that deserve a second chance at a new life. Just because they are over 20 doesn’t mean they are ready to retire. I also liked the fact that once I adopted the horse could be returned to the rescue if needed. I never want to return her, but if something drastic happened in my life at least I know she would be safe and never be at an auction. Never overlook the older horses. They can be great trail partners!


What #RightHorse means to me

To me it means a horse is safe from auction, being trained and a home found that is just right for them.


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