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My daughter had been riding horses at a lesson barn for two years when we decided to purchase her a horse. We looked for the longest time. When we thought we had found the right one, the vet did not clear it during the pre-purchase exam due to some tendon issues – so our search continued. We tried several that our trainer recommended and nothing seemed to fit. We decided to continue the search on our own, and we ended up looking at Blazes Equine Rescue here in Oklahoma City. They had several horses, but nothing seemed to fit.

We were getting very discouraged when we got a call from the rescue saying they just got a new horse in and thought it might work for us. His name was Ghost. Ghost was saved from the Stillwater Kill Pen. The lady that saved him kept him for a year, but had developed a fear of horses and he was the one she wanted to surrender to the rescue. She said he was not known to be a gentle horse.

We went to try him out several times and he seemed to be the one! On September 9, 2015, we bought the most AMAZING horse in the world. We have been truly blessed by owning Ghost. My daughter has done liberty work with him, ridden side saddle, rides in parades, trail rides, western rides, completed her D-3 in pony club with him and is now training him to event. The bond, gentleness, and understanding between the two of them is just amazing! Their personalities complement one another. WE ARE THE LUCKY ONES!

This is what “right horse” means to me.
Your personalities match, just like human friends. There are some people we get along with better than others, and I think that is exactly true for horses and their owners.

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  1. Beth

    Keep an open minding when looking at horses. Color or pedigree only go so far.
    The feel of a horse means a lot.
    I’ve bought some ugly ducklings that became beautiful swans.
    Like you said, when you meet a friend, you know it.
    Find the value of others and make choices for yourself!
    Which is what you did with Ghost.


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