Sadie + Cooper

by | Sep 2019 | Story

Breed Spanish Mustang

Age 6

Sex Gelding

Color Chestnut

Height 14.2hh

I went to HAHS (Hooved Animal Humane Society) looking for a paint horse I saw online, that horse was not able to be ridden so I asked the guide if they had anything on property that fit what I was looking for. She led me and my mom to a paddock full of horses.

This one little chestnut horse came walking right up to fence and I pet his nose. The guide gasped and I asked why? She explained to me people tried to adopt this horse but he was mean and would bite and kick at them we couldn’t get him out of the paddock but he walked right up to me. He was so unique in the fact that he had round ears instead of the normal point. The guide had no idea why they were like that. We left after that and I had some choices to make. I prayed so hard and the lord kept saying go with Cooper, go with the little ears.

I called HAHS shortly after seeing Cooper for the first time and we set up some more times for me to come out and meet with the trainer to see if I was a good fit. The first time I was there she got on him and that was the second time they’ve ever had someone on him to their knowledge and I was the third. His gaits were beautiful. Unbalanced but beautiful. I fell in love.

For my 16th birthday most girls get a car, I was blessed to get a horse named Cooper and call him mine! I was the happiest girl ever. We had such a bond and a love from the minute we laid eyes on each other. At the time I had him I was a hunter/jumper so we started the hunter jumper training and that was not his forte.

I had a major knee reconstruction surgery that put me out for 8 months… every time I would go up to that paddock with my crutches or brace to see him he’d come right up to greet with a warm muzzle. After surgery I could not jump anymore which he wasn’t too fond of anyways so we switched to doing Barrel racing and he is loving every second of going fast! To this day he still loves it and will bend over backwards for me. From the first show to the first fall I wouldn’t want it to be with anyone else! My teddy bear is so willing and has such a good mind to learn! All of the training I have put into him anyone can get on and ride at any level! I will never forget the day that we rescued each other!

What #RightHorse means to me

#RightHorse means that you have found your right horse, the horse you’re willing to commit yourself to for the rest of your life and become your best friend! They’re more than just animals!


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