Shawnee + Ryder

by | Oct 2017 | Story

Breed Gypsy Vanner

Age Three

Sex Gelding

Color Black/White Tabino

Height 14.2hh

He was an Appaloosa named Apache. I did not realize when I bought him that he was extremely head shy and spooky. We slowly started to realize that he had been abused at one point in time. Unfortunately, he threw me pretty bad twice and I feared riding him. My husband agreed to give Apache to a trainer I knew would find him a good home and we set out to search for our next horse.

I had been begging for a Gypsy for two years but they are quite expensive and I had never seen one in person. My husband suggested I check a few out and see if I even liked the breed. I found an adorable filly in Denton and we went down to see her. I played around with her, but just didn’t feel that instant connection. As we were leaving, I told my husband I had been in communication with a gal in Pilot Point that had a two-year-old gelding for sale. I asked if we could go see him since he was 30 minutes from where we were and he agreed.

We arrived at the place and the woman greeted us, tossing the halter on and trying to get the horse to come with her. He wasn’t having it. She struggled to get him out of the pasture. Once out, she struggled to get him to lunge in a circle on the line. She smiled and explained that they just weren’t connecting and handed me the rope. It was and INSTANT connection. I merely waved my hand and off he walk/trotted. She could not believe her eyes. I stopped the boy and hugged and stroked him and even picked up his feet. She was amazed. She called her mother out with tears in her eyes asking me to repeat everything I just did. Her mom was in shocked and marveled that this was not the same horse she knew.

I decided to do one last trick to see if this was really the one. I took him out in the field and let him wander off. I then proceeded to catch him and lead him right back to where everyone was waiting. Not once did he stop or pull away. That was it. He was the one.

She cried and exclaimed that she wanted me to have this horse, and would cut me a deal. I offered a down payment, but explained I wouldn’t have the full amount to spend on him until I sold my car. That’s when she gave me the option to trade Ryder for the car. That’s how bad she wanted me to have this horse. She saw how much he needed me and how we connected. Her mother needed a new car and I needed my heart horse. I have not once regretted my decision. I am glad that i chose to take a chance and go see him. My boy Ryder will do anything for me. He protects me and is cautious. He has never once hurt me no matter how much I push. He is my heart horse and my confidence builder. We have competed in many shows and he has grown exponentially! He is currently three years old and we have begun our journey into western riding.

What #RightHorse means to me:
Taking a chance to find your heart horse. Just spending that small amount of money to rescue from a kill pen. I’ve helped my friend by laying down half of $300 to rescue a quarter horse who turned out to be an amazing cutting horse. Even though he had a severe case of navicular, she paid for his surgery and he has been an amazing trail and pleasure horse. That is what I feel #RightHorse is all about; just taking the chance, not going to some fancy breeder or trainer for a horse that is ready to go and perfect. It’s searching for that one horse that needs you, no matter the cost.


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